In typical teleconference all of your participants dial in their countries respective numbers and so are you as a moderator / host of the conference call. This process is great and been there in the industry since conference service started.


I’m Michael Mclaren, managing & hosting audio conference and earning calls for many SMBs and large enterprises for last 12 years. My responsibility as an account manager to ensure every call our customer schedule should flawlessly be successful, I achieve this by equipping with knowledge the customer is more comfortable with and service orientation for current users. Sometime I also need to train new employees as they join or just required to host their own audio conference calls.


But there are other variables which may impact conference call smoothness, for example, I have a customer who is based in France and his participant is from Ukraine. Since we don’t have any local dial-in number for Ukraine based participants, the attendee needs to always dial any other country toll-number to join the conference. Sometimes it’s quite cumbersome, we had incidents in the past, while the participant phone was in roaming, he could not reach dial-in number.


Second most common issue I found with tele conferencing is that participants unable to join conference as local dial-in either their respective country number or outside country number, it’s very hard to trace root cause of the problem since we don’t have access to more information what and how they tried to dial-in.


Both of the above examples leads and put tremendous pressure on secretaries, executive assistance, project coordinators and facilitators of teleconference calls.


To mitigate these issues and increase the success rate of your next conference calls, Beanzly introduces dial-out service for customers. Your audio conferencing participants can join your meetings just by answering the phone. Our system will initiate calls at specified scheduled time. It reduces number of wasted minutes as you wait for everyone to dial-in and joining the conferencing, thus you will have much smoother experience as a host of the conference.